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Thud. Mac-Thud.
9 September 1967
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I am a work in progress, as is this description....

Tall, slim-to-average, red-brown haired, blue eyed, sometimes red-bearded (but not for a few years, now), tech professional, polyamorous, single (how's *that* work?), Pagan (a shamanic Scots witch, if you care about specifics), well read, college educated, Repository of Useless^H^H^H^Hful Trivia, cook, seamster, walker, gardener, camper, wannabe Renaissance man.

I once shared a large home in the country (Bolton, MA), then spent several years in a small city-ish apartment for one, atop the highest hill in all of Chelsea, MA (near the Soldier's Home and the water tower visible from Arlington to Boston and then some)... Since September 2011, I've lived in the Davis/Teele/Powderhouse Square vicinity, near Tufts -- and am unexpectedly relocating again for September 2012, hopefully to not-too-far distant from Davis.

I belong to the Glainn Sidhr Order of Witches, and help facilitate the goings-on of EarthSpirit. For the past several years, my biggest role has been Chief of Operations for Rites of Spring, our annual gathering of about 500 like-minded folks for song, story, ritual, and celebration.

I'm about 90% Top and 10% Switch, if the question matters to you. My favorite toy is the mind, and my favorite ways to play are through stimulation and sensation, which may sometimes include pain, but is hardly confined there....

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