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Why am I still awake and wakeful???

I mean, I've kind-of caught up on a bunch of LJ (only recent stuff, Mrs D -- your oeuvre requires much more time and concentration), but I'm going to be DEAD tired at work tomorrow... and I've *still* got no SLEEPY going on, at 4:30 in the blessed soon-to-be morning!

This is ridiculous.

I've been out 5 of the past 8 nights - out last Tuesday to Diesel for suspboid/poly-boston sociability; stayed home on Wednesday; out Thursday to the Kirkland Cafe for Platypus Rex and James the Viking; Friday to Nantasket, for chanteuse Kit and The Matthew Stubbs Band; Saturday to a small party at friend Danny's place (once the SNOW went away -- having blocked my planned trailer and other stuff shuffling); Sunday to EarthSpirit's Open Samhain East in Somerville, followed by a jaunt to JP to catch the last song or two from Ujamaa...

and I've slept less than 5 hours most of those nights, where I'd really be physically and mentally and otherwise much better off with 8-10...

and I've been bleary but focused at the office...

and still in better mood and spirit, with better tone for cow-orkers and customers, than in quite some time...

but I'm EXHAUSTED, and still not SLEEPY!

I wonder if warm 1/2-n-1/2 works like warm milk?

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