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unplanned temporary radio silence


Bad news came to me... A friend and former housemate (Nathan K, from PA, shared an apartment with me in 1991-2) died of an accidental drug interaction/overdose, end of August... Services are happening tomorrow, 9/24, and I'm hoping to be there, but plans are still up in the air. This is also Equinox weekend, and my major ritual is this evening. Oh, and, there's a planning meeting for Twilight Covening on Sunday.

(If you've not heard of Twilight before, or if you've not been for a while, or if you've just been forgetting about it... The time to check out the Clan offerings, and send in your registration application, is now! Deadline is Monday! There are 13 Clans on offer this year, and they're all great -- if Earthworm [in which I'm assisting a new Clan Leader] doesn't run, for whatever reason, you can be sure I'll be in another one as a participant!)

OK, email to the bosses, I'm leaving work early on Friday, will be back as normal on Monday -- but one of the basic environment applications on my Mac suddenly crashes, and the mail doesn't get sent.

OK, I reboot my Powerbook. It didn't come back.

The GUI boot hung for an hour, on the gray apple with the spinning hash-mark circle. I broke out of that, and booted into Single-User mode.

/sbin/fsck -fy brought the bad news -- I/O Error, Keys out of order -- that it couldn't fix.

All my major utilities are minor-revisions out of date, and not fully Tiger compatible, but DiskWarrior had a download to take my legit major version and burn an updated one, so I did...

Hardware tests of the disk showed no SMART errors, but when it tried to graph the current directory, it errored out. When it started processing to rebuild the directory, it reported hardware failures were slowing it down, but it kept chugging. On another machine, I ordered an update to Tech Tool Pro, which has been useful in the past; posted a message to DW's Tech Support; and sought out a backup disk.

Eventually (about 2 hours), DW came up with a rebuild option, but there were a *LOT* of changes between what it built, and what it had found to start with. DW recommended I back up everything from the Preview, before applying the rebuild... OK, but I have to buy a new external disk -- and DW won't sleep the Mac, even though it's in a pause state!

OK... fine... shut down the Mac, go to CompUSA and pick up the $30-after-rebates 160 GB disk I had found. Bring it home, put it in an existing external FireWire case, boot from my Tiger install CD to format the new disk and -- the enclosure only supports 128 GB or less...

OK, I'm desperate here, format as 128 GB, and I'll play other games later...

Run DiskWarrior again, and 2 more hours later, start it recovering what it found to the external -- except that the external won't be bootable, because DW doesn't do the things Carbon Copy Cloner and others do, so that's not going to work out very well, if the fix fails... So screw that.

It's morning now. I've moved the 160 GB disk to a different enclosure which *does* support larger disks. I'll be formatting it shortly, and running one or more different recovery tools, as this big disk can hold 2 or maybe 3 copies of my Powerbook internal....


I'm leaving work early (like around 2:30), and these tools take hours to work their magic on larger disks (my internal is 80GB)... So the Powerbook will either come with me, and do some overnight work wherever I sleep tonight and tomorrow, or it'll stay on my office desk, and keep cranking...

So, whatever else comes to pass -- I'm mostly offline for a while, at least the weekend. I will have occasional browser access, but all my chat tools are down, and my email is sporadic at best. If you need to reach me, my work address is best (and no, that's not listed on my account here). You can also try my new home phone... sicks won seven, eight ate four, sicks tree won ate... but I won't be there until Sunday night, earliest, tho I will check the voicemail. Work phone & voicemail is also fine.

Oh yeah -- new phone! I've taken an apartment in Chelsea, atop Powderhorn Hill, the highest point in the city. It's a small place (about 650 sq ft), especially after Homeport (about 4500 sq ft in the house, never mind the yard and all), but it'll do, and it's all for me. 2 small BRs, 1 BA, kitchen (dishwasher, disposal, microwave, electric cooktop and oven), LR. Stone counters, not enough cabinets, and a bar-counter between LR and kitchen. Views of sunrise and Boston from my BR and the LR.

The building is a recent 20+ unit condo conversion, of 1970s original construction. There's a shared roof deck, 3 or 4 times the size of my apartment, which improves on my own Boston view, given that it's 2 floors higher.

I've spent the past few weekends and many weekday evenings, whenever my van wasn't in the shop (it now has its fourth fuel pump, the second warrantee replacement of the one I bought in May; three new driver's side windows, courtesy of someone with a BB gun and limited imagination; and a new radiator as of last weekend, when it blew as I was driving to Harvest Home Gathering) or it was pouring rain (Katrina and her cousins), gradually moving stuff from my temporary refuge with commanda and her partner, my wife, Kirok, in Woburn...

Getting utilities started has been a joy, as there were screwups in the building wiring of both power and phone, but those are both working now. Cable/Internet will come soon (he said, crossing his fingers, knowing how the rest of this move has gone according to someone else's plan)...

Ping me if you want the postal address, to come help me de-box, or any other such fun... Missions to the storage unit, to retrieve more furniture (couch, jumbotron, stuff like that), will be happening in coming weeks and months, with hopes of emptying that unit by New Years.

And then -- movie nights will probably start happening, because they must.

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