Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

sparkly suckage

This morning, I left the house to find a shattered driver's door window. A mildly jarring surprise, nothing was missing from the van, I figured someone was a random twit.

I drove down the road, towards work, and kept hearing glass fall... and realized that the large window behind me, and the large window behind that, were also broken.

I stopped at the auto glass repair shop conveniently located a couple miles up the road, and found enough evidence to be sure -- some twit with a BB gun decided to take a half-dozen shots along the side of my van -- a couple entry holes were still visible, without the larger fall-apart of the center of each, and there were also obvious dents -- but no punctures -- in the sun-shades within each window.


OK, glass shop guy says no problem, we can deal with the windows and side-view mirror. Check in around lunchtime, and should be able to get it done in the afternoon.

But no -- midday comes and goes, and by late afternoon it's clear -- the glass is harder to come by than he'd first thought, and he's not going to get it sooner than tomorrow. *Maybe* early enough to get the fix done tomorrow.

Called the cops mid-morning, to see about reporting the vandalism, and they said to call back when I was back where it happened... that they'd send someone to take the report then.

So I came home from work, driving in sprinkles, parking just in time for the rain to really roll in. I parked in the back lot, stealing someone else's spot, as I really didn't want to make it any more obvious to potential thieves than necessary, and wrapped the van in a great big blue tarp, using ratchet straps from the trailer to hold the tarp in place.

I got quite soaked, and decided not to deal with the cops until morning.

So, in the morning, I'll call the cops and file my report, and presuming little or no rain, I'll de-tarp, unload some of the cruft I've been driving around -- so the repair people can more easily reach the window frames they must remove to replace the glass -- and drive to work... Where I will probably re-tarp, as more rain is forecast.

And hope that around lunch, I'll hear that the glass is there and ready for installation...

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