Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.


Option #1 -- pay somewhat more in rent than was really planned, but it includes heat/hw, and has a brand new kitchen, gas stove, microwave, DW/disp, and a great view of Boston, and a shared roof deck... 1 parking space in lot, some street space available, but not bunches. 2 smallish BRs, LR, EIK, 1 BA. Total living space, about 600 sq ft. Not enough room to take a housemate, unless they're sharing my bed, and even then... Also spend more on gas than optimal (about 15 miles one way to work) -- about 15 gallons/week. Gotta deal with all the utils and such myself. Very nearby some newly important people, not terribly convenient to anyone else. On Admiral's Hill in Chelsea.

Option #2 -- pay much more in rent than was really planned, including no utils, but could fit 1-2 housemates -- which will of course take time, unless you're looking -- and if you are, you should ping me NOW. 3 floors, 4 goodly sized BRs, plus LR, DR, KIT, 1.5 BA. Total living space, about 1300 sq ft. 2 parking spaces in the lot, a fair amount of street space; when snow emergencies prevent street parking, landlord says everyone squeezes into the building lot. Landlord (with plow) in other 1/2 of house; a couple more tenants in basement apt. Short commute, not bad on the gas (about 6 miles one way to work) -- about 5 gallons/week. Gotta deal with all the utils and such myself, at least to start, and possibly for the full lease term. Very nearby my current benefactors, but not so convenient to others. Just outside Woburn Square.

Option #3 -- pay something near what was planned for rent, plus an unknown chunk for utils, joining existing household. Great house, lots of amenities, I know and like two of the current adult residents, and all 4 kids, quite a bit... haven't met the other adult(s?)... Know little about current house policies and patterns (things like TV, chores, space-sharing, food-sharing, etc.). Unknown living space, neither room dimensions nor shared space. At about 11 miles one way, midway between the other two for fuel and such. No worries about getting utilities, Internet, etc., up and running, because they already are. Not convenient to anyone other than those I'd be living with. Somewhere in Waltham.

Each one has BIG pros, and BIG cons. I'm most inclined toward #2 for lots of reasons (mostly the pure space), but that *really* wants to be a shared space, and I have no immediate prospects for such. I'm also not-at-all thrilled with the prospect of living "with" landlords I just met.

These are all act-now prospects, and my temporary sanctuary runs out this week, to boot.


I don't know what I'm going to do.

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