Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

well, that was a day.

all things considered, a good day, but... eesh.

my van remains along the road between Homeport and U-Haul storage

but the trailer got there, and was emptied. and I have a U-Haul truck for one more trip in the morning (as long as I get it there and unloaded by 11:30am so the next person can take it away again)

I've not had this kind of luck with any previous vehicle, and I really should have. they were in much worse shape to start with

but I had help from 2 strapping teenage nephews, and my dad, and his van... and when we got to the storage place, they did have this truck in the lot, and it had a hitch -- so the dead van didn't kill the run to the unit

and we all went to Chloé (a FABULOUS local bistro) for dinner (oh my GHOD they have good food -- and that waitress will be added to the social crowd, somehow... perhaps with the aid of the email address I collected!)

and my folks will be back in the morning, to pick me up from returning the truck, and then to help bring schtuff from Homeport to Woburn, and then we'll all go visit my mother's father in Lynn...

and meanwhile AAA will come and collect my van, and take it to Burlington to get evaluated and/or repaired

and I'll stay in Woburn tomorrow night, and cross my fingers that there will be *SOME* way to get back to Bolton to collect my trailers and any last minute bits, including my server...

which may wind up being a rental car... icky suds.

have I mentioned that I hate moving?

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