Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

the move from HELL !!!

Tomorrow may be extra entertaining.

My van is reprising it's fuel pump problems from late April -- died twice on the highway coming home, cooled a bit, and worked again...

I'm going to *try* to rent a truck as that will make the tow-hitch of my van unnecessary, and make for fewer trips in the bargain, but... I can't do that until tomorrow, as everything's closed now. *sighs* it just goes on and on.

What's tomorrow? The hopefully last burst of shoving stuff into the storage unit -- the jumbotron, a couple filing cabinets, bookcase, credenza, bed, and some other random furniture, as well as a number of random boxes of stuff...

If you have a cargo-capable vehicle or trailer you're willing to take a load in-- or even a good tow vehicle with a hitch! -- that's now even more extra helpful.

The unit's hours have changed -- it's open 8am - 6pm Saturday, and 9am - 3pm Sunday.... It seems that if we can get there by quarter-of closing time, we can stay long enough to unload, as the attendants can leave once we're in....

Sunday is to be the catch-up burst to temporary refuge in Woburn, (and if necessary, the REALLY last burst to storage unit).

By the end of this weekend, I should only have a computer left in the old house, serving email and DNS to a few small domains, and awaiting only the knowledge of its new (temporary) IP address, and the physical location to which it will be transported on Tuesday.

At least -- that was the theory as of this morning. I really don't know *how* this is going to come together now.

Last go round of this with the van, it was a few days of no van, and a $750 replacement fuel pump, which I *hope* is still under warrantee. Of course, I'm also awaiting delivery of a replacement steering box, which is forecast to cost around $900 more.

Another $2K is really not in the cards for this van. Which may mean that I'm shopping for a new car, now, too, along with a new place to live (and then there's the fun of getting to see said new cars and apartments)....

I really wish I knew what I'd done wrong, and to whom, so I could make it right. This just plain sucks.

If you can help, and I haven't heard from you -- please call or IM me as soon as humanly possible... If I should have heard from you, and you haven't heard from me -- likewise. The past couple of weeks have been rather... hectic, and I may have lost track.

I can give you directions, or a URL, and the major online map sites know how to find the house.

My aim had been to start with a trailer load in the morning -- whatever I could get loaded up myself tonight -- but as I cannot trust to my van and its hitch, I'm waffling on that. I may still give it a shot, but... I won't be driving until I have at least one other person and vehicle to join the trip, so I'm not stuck standing somewhere with a disabled van/trailer, and no way to get help or transportation...

Dinner will be arranged. I'll spring for pizza or similar, and beverages of choice; if you prefer sushi or other luxuries, I'll pitch in, but do have some limits on my funds -- else professionals would be loading and toting for me!

The hot-tub is full and hot and available -- but you'll need to bring your own towel, and a suit if you are modest.

Thank you!

Ted / Thud / That Guy, There!

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