Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

Bolton MA, 7/17 and/or 7/23-24 -- packing and/or moving help

As many know by now, I'm about to move, temporarily landing in a spare room in Woburn, while seeking a longer term solution.

Trouble is, my packing isn't going as fast as it needs to, and my energy and focus are flagging fast -- even as the drop-dead get-out date races toward me (sale of my current house closes Friday, July 29 -- so I cannot use that final weekend of the month).

I could very much use some help -- whether you actually pack and/or move, or just hang around and chat and help maintain focus while I (and hopefully others) do the packing and moving.

A few people tonight, and many people this Sunday and/or next Saturday or Sunday, would make this a very quick and easy thing, and ease much stress.

**Note -- I wrote this for Friday morning, but it didn't post right, so ... ping me if you're available for Saturday afternoon/evening, 7/16, but probably going to be resting then, I think... **

I can give you directions, or a URL, and the major online map sites know how to find the house.

Dinner will be arranged. I'll spring for pizza or similar, and beverages of choice; if you prefer sushi or other luxuries, I'll pitch in, but do have some limits on my funds -- else professionals would be loading and toting for me!

The hot-tub will be full and hot and available -- but you'll need to bring your own towel, and a suit if you are modest.

If you have a cargo-capable vehicle or trailer you're willing to take a load in, that's extra helpful. I do have a van which will carry some stuff, and a trailer which will carry more, but extra capacity will be *very* helpful, and make for fewer trips.

The storage place is about 15 minutes from my current house. Most of what I have is going there. A fairly small quantity will be going to Woburn, and I should be able to handle that myself... though I will not turn down further assistance! Sunday, I aim to start loading around 10, and hope to be able to make two or three trips to the unit, which is accessible until 6pm or so. (Next weeekend, both Saturday and Sunday are for such trips.)

If you can join me tonight (Friday), or this Sunday (or have a free evening next week -- I am *not* sure that I'll be done this weekend), please let me know, as knowing I won't be alone will help me leave the office on time, and keep my energies up through the evening. I'm aiming to be working on this every night this week, from 7 or so until I fall down.

Drop me an email, call me at work (voicemail works) or home (no more answering machine), IM me, or respond here -- however you like.

Thank you!

Ted / Thud / That Guy, There!

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