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salad tossing -- it's a great new sport...

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How do you take your tomatoes?
Pick one:
Pick one:
Most disgusting thing people put on a salad:
Your favorite thing to put on a salad:
dead crushed beetle you find inside the letucetisana
That gritty dirt that's on the bottom of the plate when they don't wash your lettuce. EWWWchestertodd
the cruncy jumbo crouton with lots of flavorairneail
the tender juicy baby carrotpurple_cat
the lettuce, the foundation of it allentrope
Thought this test was COMPLETELY about something else...PERVERT!tisana
WTF? where are the stinging insults we have come to love?chestertodd
I'm just the oil baby, let me slick you up so I can go down real easy...sarahluna
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