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a kinda long one...

Some of you have heard some of this already.

Some of you haven't heard much the past while, as I've been swamped in getting through what you'll now read. This is a small attempt to catch you up.

I owe several people phone calls and/or email. I have *no* idea when I'll get to making/writing those. You're *more* than welcome to ping me -- I may be able to talk or respond more easily than I find the energy and memory to start it off for myself, for the list is long....

Movement continues.

The grey trailer I've been pulling for the past 7 or so years needs a major chunk of work on its axle. This would normally be done by removing the axle, taking just that to the shop to be fixed, and putting it back on the trailer. However -- the axle is welded to the tongue, which is welded to the frame -- so the whole trailer has to go wherever the repair will be done. The original place I talked to is about 20 miles away by highway -- and thus somewhere approaching $100 for a tow -- and that's not happening.

A substitute trailer has been acquired, thanks to Craig's List, and a drive to Sandwich last weekend. The same 4x8 walled box, but with half-height walls, and a much less sturdy floor (just plywood and some supporting rails, rather that a full deck of 2x6s underlying the plywood), and no extra-deck behind the gate, among other minor drawbacks.

Built on a 1932 Ford axle, it takes smaller tires and different rims than the gray, and will need new tires, and acquisition of another rim and tire for a spare, and a chunk of de-rusting and replacement of a number of minor undercarriage parts (spring clamps and such), for a long term keeper.

Meanwhile, I've found a couple of closer repair shops who work primarily on car axles, rather than focusing on trailers, since my old one was built on *some* kind of car axle, and I will be speaking with them this week about the possibility of *their* fixing the gray, since they're within about 5 miles, and I could probably drag it there safely, if slowly.

If they *can*, I'm figuring to get the old one fixed, and then re-sell the newer one for near what I paid for it -- should be fairly easy, looking at the others on CL, and even if I get half of what I paid, it will be cheaper than renting for a weekend. I may need to replace the rubber on the temporary, as the tires now on it are pretty well cooked (and appear to be 20 years old in themselves, tho their tread is barely worn), though this will add $100 or so to my overall cost-of-use. Better not to risk a blowout with a full load on the highway.

With the new rubber, it should work for several runs from Homeport to my storage unit, and to --

The at-least-temporary place I'll be living, now planned for 7/15 to 9/1. Friends Kirok and Amanda have a former-housemate's former room, which I'll be squeezing into for those 6 weeks, while still seeking a longer-term solution. Depending on too many things to count, this space *might* become a longer-term solution, but that is a very remote possibility at this stage.

One of the very nice aspects of this location is that with the addition of a bicycle to my equipment (a long plotted purchase, which now makes better sense), I can add 5 miles of riding to many mornings and evenings, when the weather cooperates, and thus increase my general fitness without increasing my commute time. If I'm very lucky, this bulge in my middle will cooperate with my plans, and shrink.

An appointment has been scheduled with my pshrink, to probably resume meds for ADHD and related symptoms. My own weak recent research suggests that ADHD, which I've long held to be related to Autism, is also related to Asperger's Syndrome -- similar symptoms are involved in all three, to different levels along different axes, but they click together .... and Asperger's actually explains many things better than ADHD, while neither covers my whole boat.

The only downside to this one is -- it won't be until August, so the next month is going to be focused thru adrenaline and caffeine. Not the healthiest long-term, but hopefully not deadly for the short window.

Repairs on my van (fixing a power steering fluid leak from the pump, and apparently replacing the steering box), were planned to be done by the local mechanic who diagnosed both the van and the old trailer, next week, when I could borrow a current housemate's care for a day.

Turns out, he's going on vacation thru 7/13, as are my long-term mechanics (at a much less convenient location). So instead, the Dodge dealer near my office, who fixed a brake issue this winter, and did the fuel pump earlier this spring, will also get to deal with this...

I anticipate that their net price will be much higher than the others, but the leak is getting faster (started at about a cup every 3-5 days; now at about a cup a day), so it really can't wait. I'm hoping that since they're a dealer, they can get the necessary parts same-day, unlike the others who needed a few days advance notice, plus the day of actual work....

I'll keep pouring in power steering fluid, meanwhile.

Today, I make my third attempt to get new tires for the new trailer. First place didn't do trailers at all -- not even if I pulled the rims and handed them across for new rubber. Second place, the tire guy left early for the weekend, and won't be back until Tuesday. Today, I'm calling before driving.

*If* I get the new rubber, I'll be taking at least one trip to my storage unit, with whatever I can manage to move myself. Then, it's more packing and trying to figure out whether I'll need *this* in the next 8-12 weeks, cause if it goes into the unit, I won't be getting it out easily.

Possibly something social, today or tomorrow. Definitely on Monday, because I simply must.

And for now.... that is all.

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