Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

weekend un-plans -- anybody got an idea?

So it's July 1, the start of a 3-day weekend, and I have no definite plans. This is very unusual for me for a holiday weekend, and even more so for *this* holiday weekend, and I'm feeling exceedingly conscious of my lack of regular social contacts beyond a very small circle, and my current romantic singleness.

There are a couple of special-interest parties (scene and sexual play) on Saturday and Sunday that require RSVPs and contributions for facilities and optimally some like-minded company which I have only really started feeling any motivation toward attending, but have no likely companions, and far less motivation to attend solo.

There's a random July 4 party I may go to Monday, which does tie back to a larger circle I've been meaning to reconnect with, and will probably go to for some time.

And there's lots of packing and moving I could do, which will really suck to do solo, and which is currently most likely to get most of my mediocre attention and focus Saturday and Sunday.

So -- if you're motivated to join me for any or all of the above (especially the RSVP parties, with which hosts I'm now checking to ensure there's room for at least 2 more), or if you have something fun that will motivate me to accomplish stuff here before joining you -- please call, email, IM, send up a flare.... If you have no plans for the weekend, either, this could become a hang out with Ted at the soon-to-be-former Homeport weekend. Company while I pack and such, even if all you do is sit and chat and laugh at what I'm choosing to save and/or toss, is more than helpful. There's crash space, a hot-tub, a big room of AC, and easily accessible tasty snacks and adult beverages.

I'll be stepping out for a bit, now, to see if I can get new tires for a trailer -- so please don't be hurt if you don't hear back instantly -- but please leave me enough info to track you down, especially if your idea is something for tonight.

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