Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

10 for me, 0 for you

They're numbered, but they're in no particular order. Parentheticals aren't there to make it less likely that others have done the thing, just to add detail and make it more interesting.

  1. Lived for more than 15 years (we moved in when I was 4 or so, and I moved out for good at 22 or so) in a 300+ year old farmhouse (with additions).

  2. Was locked into the park outside Kensington Palace in London, and had to jump the wall to get out. (The sign said it was locked at dusk, but it was well past dark when we wandered in... only to find it had been locked when we tried to leave 15 minutes later...)

  3. Was photographed in a pose that could only be interpreted as extending benediction to the Pope, at close range in the audience hall of the Vatican.

  4. Had my head put through a window in a high school classroom, by a classmate, during a weekend fellowship retreat. (He claimed to have been joking, and was perhaps more shocked than I when my head hit the glass, and still more when the glass shattered...)

  5. Carried keys to the kingdom (individual rooms [cells], and all doors except the main exit) while working as a High School Equivalency teacher in a Maximum Security Detention Facility for 12-22 year olds, at 17. (Work-study, the summer before entering college...)

  6. Lost virginity to one, and took virginity of another, on the same day...

  7. Worked for 15 consecutive years at the same Renaissance Faire (King Richard's Faire, Carver, MA), in the same booth for the first 13 of those (Fellowship Foundry, based in San Leandro, CA).

  8. Convinced the Jesuit Dorm Chaplain that I should be permitted to burn incense in my dorm room, as part of my Pagan religious observation.

  9. Drove from Boston, MA, to Manalapan, FL, in 27 hours, in a K Car, with 4 others -- 2 of us over 6' tall. (Spring Break craziness -- the week after my university's break, during which I did nothing, I went with my friend's on their break.)

  10. Took cover from a tornado in a large cave in Wisconsin (during Pagan Spirit Gathering, 1996 or 7), and spent the time there singing to ease the tensions of the many dozens of panicky children (who were the first into the cave, followed by some couple dozen mothers and other women, and then some random men, including yours truly)


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