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and away we go....

load-out for Rites has been OK, but slow going...

I surfaced later than planned this morning, rising around 10:00, rather than the vaguely-planned 8-9, having gone to bed about 11 last night -- mighty early for me.

In the course of excavations from my various piles of Stuff, I found a number of things that have been missing for months or years (the butter-soft glove-leather pants are back!), condensed several boxes and such, and otherwise tidied long-ignored mess. This is a good thing.

But it's been hard to hold focus, and keep plowing thru, while it's been cold, and off-and-on rainy, and large chunks of what I needed to load must stay dry, whether it's riding inside the van or in the open-top box trailer -- which means getting the right tarps on, and keeping them properly set to drain at all times.

My normal strategy for such things is to make a great heap of the packing -- stacks of full tubs and boxes, mounds of bedding and such, and trickles of odd-shapes -- computer, drums, etc. Then, once the heap is complete -- all of everything is in one place -- 3-D Tetris begins, making it all fit into the available space -- no matter how unlikely that appears to be. (This is one of my secret super-powers -- spacial relations, particularly in regards to fitting lots of stuff into a small space. Unfortunately, it doesn't extend to making everything accessible, nor usually to making the first-needed-stuff be on or near the top. But I think that's mostly due to my under-the-gun packing style....)

Given the off-and-on rain, the great heap didn't happen, because the only good interior space for this adds a chunk of carrying distance, which isn't a good thing given how tired I am overall... So, it's been piecemeal pack-and-load, and trying to keep the trailer full of *only* stuff that can get wet... And I should be on the road in another hour or so (!)

All this has another bit of meaning for you prolific posters out there -- I'll be offline for the next 10 days or so, which pushes you off my friends?skip=975 consolidation page. If you post something that you really want me to respond to, or just to see, please post a pointer to it in a comment to this post, so I know where to go look...

Be seeing you!

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