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  • Sat, 13:02: RT @jeremyfaust: Dear Everyone, The reason South Korea has so many cases isn’t that they prevented spread. It’s that they *detected* the s…
  • Sat, 13:44: RT @jilevin: A Teacher Did an Experiment to Show the Power of Handwashing, and You Can’t Stay Unimpressed
  • Sat, 13:47: RT @AyannaPressley: That’s right, I want to see the men endorse, embrace & uplift @ewarren plans every chance they get.
  • Sat, 14:12: RT @jentaub: 🦠 Bad. My healthcare provider @Cigna will only pay for the coronavirus test. But if we test positive it’s on us. With a high d…
  • Sat, 14:12: RT @jentaub: Imagine being forced into a quarantine at a hospital and having treatment that you suddenly have to pay for yourself.
  • Sat, 19:14: RT @MartynMcL: EXC: The Trump Org has lost its exclusive rights to one of its prized assets - the Trump name - for real estate development…
  • Sat, 19:41: RT @EconCulture: “Capital and Ideology”, Thomas Piketty’s new book, has virtues that many post-Marxist critiques lack. For one thing, it is…
  • Sat, 19:41: RT @RBReich: When you, a Biden supporter, attack Bernie, you’re helping reelect Trump. When you, a Bernie supporter, attack Biden, you’re…
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    Tue, 15:06: 1 in 3 new US #COVID cases today are in TX or FL. I wonder how long it will be until neighboring states close their #borders? Or…

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    Thu, 03:43: Moderna #1 was no big deal. Moderna #2 took 24 hours to lay me flat. Major achy, put me to sleep for what I’d meant to be a nap. 15…

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    Mon, 21:50: I got a thing I've been wanting for several years that appeared here today. Now I can save you $15 if you get anything you like…

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