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  • Wed, 00:27: RT @SethAbramson: Given what's happening now, Friday's report on Rosenstein may indeed have been leaked by Trump allies who'd sat on it for…
  • Wed, 00:34: RT @TheAtlantic: A senior Republican senator is quietly supporting the closure of a legal loophole that allows federal and state government…
  • Wed, 00:41: RT @BarackObama: The antidote to government by a powerful few is government by the organized, energized many. This National Voter Registrat…
  • Wed, 00:44: RT @samswey: When Republicans send their people, they don’t send their best. They’re rapists. They’re criminals. And some, I assume, are go…
  • Wed, 00:45: RT @EdwardGLuce: Would be different if Kavanaugh had told Fox: "Yeah we drank too much, were disrespectful to girls, and very crude at time…
  • Wed, 00:46: RT @indivis_Nville: It's traditional for the President to send congratulatory letters to boys who have reached the rank of Eagle Scout. Par…
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