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  • Wed, 02:01: RT @kurteichenwald: What protest voting brought us: A Supreme Court voting 5-4 to uphold travel ban, 5-4 allowing "pregnancy centers" to wi…
  • Wed, 02:01: RT @peterdaou: REMINDER: There is no Trump without McConnell. No Trump without Ryan. No Trump without Sessions. No Trump without Pence. No…
  • Wed, 02:01: RT @davidaxelrod: As one after another 5-4 rulings of this SCOTUS on voting rights, abortion rights, the travel ban and more are announced,…
  • Wed, 02:02: RT @st4reintoabyss: Woke: kicking sarah huckabee Sanders out of your restaurant Bespoke: inviting Stephen miller into your wine cellar, th…
  • Wed, 02:03: RT @SafetyPinDaily: The Commander Of The Tent Facility Holding Separated Immigrant Children Says It Was A Dumb Policy | Via; BuzzFeed https…
  • Wed, 02:04: RT @emrazz: Sotomayor did not "lash out," she used facts in evidence to support logical conclusions about intent where intent was factor in…
Tags: #civility, #redhenrestaurant, #stopfascism, twitter
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