Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
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  • Tue, 00:14: RT @CREWcrew: A mere 72 hours after the Chinese government agreed to put a half-billion dollars into an Indonesian project that will person…
  • Tue, 00:14: RT @yjtorbati: Here’s the 2012 @Reuters investigation by @stecklow that first revealed ZTE’s sale of U.S. technology to Iran’s government h…
  • Tue, 00:26: RT @TheRickyDavila: It’s all becoming clear. We are now very aware of why @realDonaldTrump is suddenly wanting to save Chinese Telecom comp…
  • Tue, 00:39: RT @atrupar: It's not supposed to work like this -- White House punts question about whether Chinese financing of Trump-liked project viola…
  • Tue, 00:42: RT @Khanoisseur: “If a tree falls in the woods…” Practical advice: Amplify/retweet policy proposals/tweets of Dems/politicians who are pro…
  • Tue, 00:43: RT @Cruellaisdevine: This is not a drill the FCC just announced #NetNeutrality ends on June 11 unless we stop it ret…
Tags: #netneutrality, twitter
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