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  • Thu, 20:41: RT @TopherSpiro: House Republicans just rammed through a bill that raises taxes on tens of millions of Americans without any hearings or a…
  • Thu, 20:41: RT @krassenstein: 200,000 gallons of oil have leaked from the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota. That's why so many people were protesting…
  • Thu, 20:41: RT @AynRandPaulRyan: There. Is. A. Trump. Tweet. For. EVERYTHING. Keystone Pipeline, South Dakota edition.
  • Thu, 20:43: RT @gettinnoticedmo: Al Franken called for an investigation into his own actions. The irony is that I bet, right now, the Republicans don'…
  • Thu, 20:46: RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Did Trump win Michigan? I don' think so. Won by 10,704 but wait 75,355 Ballots Thrown Out 87 Machines Broke D…
  • Thu, 20:51: RT @MadeleineLEngle: “Stay angry, little Meg,” Mrs Whatsit whispered. “You will need all your anger now.” #WrinkleInTime
  • Thu, 20:55: RT @StevenTDennis: Most Senators I talked to yesterday in both parties had no idea CBO said the tax bill would trigger ~$100B/year in autom…
  • Thu, 20:55: RT @KaivanShroff: What Al Franken did is wrong. He has apologized, the apology was accepted, and he has called for an investigation into hi…
  • Thu, 21:01: RT @RVAwonk: Little hands, big lies.👇 “Flagrantly untrue”: Trump busted for inflating his company’s worth 1000 percent
  • Thu, 21:01: RT @dpatil: "Children strive only for pleasure; adults strive for fulfillment. Children demand adoration; adults earn respect. Children fin…
Tags: #bekindtoelephants, #medicare, #socialsecurity, #unhackthevote, #wrinkleintime, twitter
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