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  • Sun, 13:57: RT @funder: Retweetfest: If you tweet this link out in the next hour, we'll retweet you! Help us #FireHannity! #TheResistance #AMJoy #Ro
  • Sun, 13:58: RT @RepJayapal: If Corker, Flake & McCain are deeply worried abt America, they should vote against unqualified judicial nominees. https:…
  • Sun, 21:08: RT @EllenLWeintraub: Please take a few minutes on this beautiful fall Sunday (or tomorrow!) to tell @FEC why you’d like us to move ahead wi…
  • Sun, 21:25: RT @SpryGuy: A Christian responds to the idiots who scream "All Lives Matter" in response to Black Lives Matter & it's glorious: https://t.…
  • Sun, 21:33: RT @ribnose: Hi, I'm a child of wealthy parents and if you're someone who worries that social welfare and universal basic income might acci…
  • Sun, 21:43: RT @alfonslopeztena: 🍊🤡 judge-for-life nominee who has never tried a case and practiced law for only 3 years, rated unfit by ABA, approved…
  • Sun, 21:55: RT @mattblaze: Along with the alarming strange content, some new metadata: He's using the web client, and has location turned on. https://t…
Tags: #amjoy, #firehannity, #parisagreement, #ro, #theresistance, twitter
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