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  • Wed, 18:01: RT @kurteichenwald: I have read the Republican framework for tax reform. It is even more horrifying than I imagined. MASSIVE giveaway to ri…
  • Wed, 18:01: RT @PRESlDENTBANNON: Day 251 Wall length: 0 Tax reforms: 0 Clintons jailed: 0 Golf club visits: 60 Hands: tiny Swamp: vast Healthcare: Oba…
  • Wed, 18:01: RT @Impeach_D_Trump: Silently kneeling during a song is disrespectful?? Imagine having someone grab you by the pussy
  • Wed, 18:02: RT @SenKamalaHarris: A natural disaster in Puerto Rico should be treated no differently than a natural disaster anywhere else in the United…
  • Wed, 18:06: RT @BarackObama: We're expanding our efforts to help Puerto Rico & the USVI, where our fellow Americans need us right now. Join us at https…
  • Wed, 18:14: RT @LifeByDesi: RT @Blueraydre No need to ever have the "flag" discussion ever again. Just show this video to whoever doesn't get it https:…
  • Wed, 18:16: RT @Blueraydre: No need to ever have the "flag" discussion ever again. Just show this video to whoever doesn't get it
  • Thu, 00:06: RT @MotherJones: Donald Trump isn’t the only politician getting away with lies.
  • Thu, 00:08: Aw, damn. RIP, Hef. Thanks for helping change the world in good ways. #HughHefner
  • Thu, 00:14: RT @EricHolthaus: Utterly appalling: U.S. waived Jones Act for Harvey and Irma for OIL Won't waive for Maria to help KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE http…
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    Tue, 15:06: 1 in 3 new US #COVID cases today are in TX or FL. I wonder how long it will be until neighboring states close their #borders? Or…

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    Thu, 03:43: Moderna #1 was no big deal. Moderna #2 took 24 hours to lay me flat. Major achy, put me to sleep for what I’d meant to be a nap. 15…

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    Mon, 21:50: I got a thing I've been wanting for several years that appeared here today. Now I can save you $15 if you get anything you like…

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