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  • Wed, 19:36: RT @Advil: i just found out that the division symbol (÷) is just a blank fraction with dots replacing the numerator and denominator. oh my…
  • Wed, 19:50: RT @ddale8: Trump tells reporters the US needs a corporate tax rate of 15% to get down to China's level. China has a 25% corporate tax rate.
  • Wed, 20:13: RT @tedlieu: Dear Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin1: Treasury is not your slush fund & Air Force is not your fleet. I can't believe I had…
  • Wed, 20:23: RT @JoyAnnReid: Today, the White House press secretary used the people's podium to call for the firing of an individual citizen, @jemelehil
  • Thu, 01:00: RT @thistallawkgirl: Imagine having a PhD in Enviro Studies & being told your work will be reviewed by men who believe Jesus walked with di…
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