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  • Sat, 13:31: RT @JasonKander: If you cancel your voter registration, Trump wins. Please share this message and tell everyone you know to stay registered…
  • Sat, 13:33: RT @yarbro: The Constitution anticipates a President like this. It does not anticipate a Congress so indifferent to a President like this.
  • Sat, 13:33: RT @Reebok: In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, "You're in such good shape...beautiful,"... THIS:
  • Sat, 13:34: RT @catvalente: What the hell happened at that meeting if all this obvious lying and bluster looks better on the Trumps than just telling t…
  • Sat, 16:15: RT @JuddLegum: Have to give Trump credit that, despite all the controversy, he continues to focus on his top priority -- promoting his golf…
  • Sat, 16:35: RT @mindyfinn: It's amazing how quickly the Trump defense devolves from "fake news" "don't recall" to "we did it, so what?"
  • Sat, 16:45: RT @funder: Senator Kaine: "We're now beyond obstruction of justice—this is moving into perjury & potentially treason."
  • Sat, 18:26: RT @ChristianCowart: If each RT = $1, WE can raise thousands to: Help @BetoORourke beat @TedCruz Oppose Cruz's TrumpCare
  • Sat, 18:29: RT @paulapoundstone: CNN says, "Senate Republicans Walk Tightrope on Healthcare Bill." Yes, but if they fall off the tightrope, THEY still…
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    Mon, 12:36: Awesome. Move HD from late-2012 MBP with swelling battery causing keyboard issues to mid-2015 MBP, and @ GoogleChromeMac decides to…

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    Tue, 15:06: 1 in 3 new US #COVID cases today are in TX or FL. I wonder how long it will be until neighboring states close their #borders? Or…

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    Thu, 03:43: Moderna #1 was no big deal. Moderna #2 took 24 hours to lay me flat. Major achy, put me to sleep for what I’d meant to be a nap. 15…

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