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  • Sun, 12:17: I keep waiting for it to improve but so far it's only gotten worse… It cares not for my timetables nor work list.
  • Sun, 12:18: If you have a favorite cosmic entity, please relay my plea for relief from this mystery misery. If you do reiki or the like, please zap me!
  • Sun, 17:55: PCP said not to suffer until Monday, so ER it is... Further updates as warranted.
  • Sun, 19:05: Nothing quite like crying like a baby while posing on the X-ray table… once the pain is triggered it don't want to stop!
  • Sun, 20:31: Sent home with a scrip for the good stuff, which my local 24hr pharma doesn't have. Now some extra driving and walking around Porter. Whee!
  • Sun, 21:47: I suppose it's good to know that the ibu was making a dent in the pain, but right now it's not, and everything is awful.
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