Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

last and first....

taken from many others...

  • first real kiss: 18 years old, roughly, on my first date, ever, over winter break from freshman year
  • first screen name: MICROMGR@BCVAX3 (on the BITNet)
  • first self purchased album: no idea -- I didn't buy many LPs, and not many more cassette albums (yeah, when I started buying, it was vinyl or cassette, or maybe 8-track)...
  • first funeral: some great-aunt or other, when I was still in single-digits
  • first pets: household pet was my mother's cat, Tiger, from before my birth; my own was Creamy, a guinea pig, ~8?
  • first piercing: sometime in the future, maybe
  • first true love: um. Julie, ~6... first one that came to anything? Mary, 21ish.
  • first big trip: 13ish, to Halifax, Nova Scotia (from near Boston MA), visiting my Priest uncle (and godfather) at his then-parish... next was at 15 or so, to France & England with HS French class
  • first musician you remember hearing in your house: probably my mother, playing guitar around bedtime. recorded, probably Beatles or Peter Paul and Mary...
  • last big car ride: to Manhattan, for the housewarming of missionista and dr_memory
  • last kiss: 20 minutes ago, catya preceding me to bed
  • last good cry: Open Samhain, 2001, after reading a large chunk of the victim names, from the September 11 plane crashes
  • last movie seen: Matrix: Reloaded (just 40 minutes ago...)
  • last beverage drank: St Brendan's Irish Cream, on the rocks
  • last food consumed: Kit Kat during the movie
  • last phone call: yesterday, an incoming support call, at work
  • last TV show watched: ER, Thursday night (somebody dropped a helicopter)
  • last shoes worn: rubber-soled, brown corduroy slippers
  • last CD played: Unexpected Beauty, by Bruce Becvar
  • last item bought: sushi lunch with catya, Thursday
  • last disappointment: new crush shares interest, but doesn't feel like they could handle the poly thing...
  • last soda drank: Coke, with dinner.
  • last ice cream eaten: Chocolate Chip from a local-ish dairy
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