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Virgo Dating Guide -- some of it even works...

Here are some things you can do with Virgo to ensure a successful date.
Go rollerblading, go hiking, feed the ducks, go to the museum, play miniature golf, take a walk in a botanical garden, go wine tasting or go to a wine bar, go to an art exhibit opening, spend a night in a Bread and Breakfast, go horse-back riding, go for a simple but elegant meal, take a walking tour of your city, go horse-back riding </b>

You & Your Virgo 
Present a close-to-flawless exterior and interior. The perfectionist side of your Virgo will be drawn to the perfection they see in you. Be patient and accepting of the Virgoan attention to detail. Benefit by your patience -- they will take a diligent and detailed approach to making your life better. Show your Virgo how impressed you are by their constant efforts to improve their surroundings. They will work even harder to provide you with a picture-perfect home. Be a friend and an intellectual companion, as well as a lover. Virgos are usually possessed of sharp wit and powerful analytic abilities. A Virgo needs a partner who can appreciate and cultivate these qualities. Try to remain at ease if your Virgo criticizes or overanalyzes you. A Virgo will eventually realize that even Virgos are not perfect.
  Don't allow yourself to get lax or sloppy at home. Your Virgo's sense of order, which is especially pronounced close to be home, will be affronted by your laziness. Never pick at your Virgo, even if they pick at you. Your Virgo may take your criticism to heart, and feel bad that they're not up to your standards. Avoid expecting too much -- if you want complete and total attention at all times, you may be disappointed. Virgo is the 'Sign of Service,' and will often take time to lend a hand to a friend or coworker. Try not to feed your Virgo something they don't like. They are exacting and specific about the kinds of food that enters their body. Don't ever underestimate the bedroom habits of a Virgo. Virgo perfectionism carries over into the bedroom, and you'd better appreciate it!


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