Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

my mom...

I visited with my parents last Sunday afternoon, and got an email update from my father Friday morning.

My Mom is a mix of better and worse, in the rehab facility. Pneumonia and knee stuff are great. Other parts, not so much.

Her "presence" varies from fully there to totally clouded, and while she consistently recognizes my father, others (including me) don't always get the same response. She's got a twitch in her arms that prevents her from feeding herself, holding anything for long, or even scratching her nose. And she's pretty much constantly fading in and out of narcoleptic seizures.

Latest assessment, by her long-term psychopharmacologist (ADHD and other stuff), is that she had some kind of stroke (atypical, of course, so the stereotypical one-sided droop has never been visible), probably during the pneumonia treatment, which has wreaked havoc on everything connecting mind to body, and to some extent mind to world. He has recommended an extra-smart neurologist at MGH for followup.

On the bright side of that, the disorientation and such (which might have been thought to be senility/dementia/etc.) is treatable and (hopefully) temporary if it's the result of a stroke, and so will get very different attitudes and handling from people.

There's not a lot I can do, so my general routine (such as it is) won't be disrupted much for the foreseeable, but as always with such things, that may change at any time in any way.

I'm intermittently fretful and fine, myself. Fall-apart time isn't quite here, but I can feel it approaching. Distraction is mostly being a (chosen and intentional) good thing.

Your continued best thoughts, understanding if I flake (more than usual) on something, and hugs and such when/if you see me, are much appreciated.

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