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Magnificent at Midnight

No doubt about it, you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the hours when many have already given their last hurrah! You're one of those fine few who move with the moon and thrive when the sun has been down for hours. And that gives you lots of advantages.

When most people are losing steam — at events, on the streets, at dinner parties, on the dance floor — you're just revving up, ready to amaze people with your charms, ideas, and thoughts about the world. It's pretty energizing to think that while you're at your peak, most of your neighbors are already falling into a deep, deep sleep.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to your midnight hours of power — like finding cold, stale coffee in the pot when you wake up, or realizing it's too late to call your friends when you have that spark of a great idea. Then there are those times when you have to get up early even though your body feels like it's only half-awake.

But when that happens, all you really need is a sure-fire, pick-me-up — like a quick shot of caffeine, getting some exercise, or even taking a power shower to rejuvenate you. And once that happens, there's no stopping you as you move into a whole new power hour!

the PowerHour test


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