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Seeking a new housemate, for an AWESOME new house!

Three Extroverted Introverts Seek Fourth
to Share Large Single Family House in Medford, MA
for October 1 (negotiable)
$900-1200 including Utilities

Click pics to embiggen.
front of house  

About us

3 professional, LGBTQWTFBBQ-friendly housemates; 1M, 2F. Having lived together for the past year, we are moving into a new space together, and welcome the energy of a fourth to help create our new home.

Socializing collectively is important to us, but having privacy and lots of time to ourselves to recharge is equally or more so. Common interests include intentional living, groan-worthy puns, local music, circus, burlesque, cooking, Fluxx, Cards Against Humanity, jigsaw puzzles, JP Licks, opening our home to the occasional out of town musician, Scrabble, sushi, chilling on the couch watching the Food Network, and a mad love of books & reading.

M - Forty-something generalist, tech geek & evangelist, Mac guru, incredibly-tall pagan drummer, singer, and ritual/gathering facilitator.  Former KRF pewter merchant, wing man, and bud stud, he now dabbles there as a patron. Jack Of All Trades, master of some, thinks most things are fixable, and may someday fix some of them. Collects percussion and other toys, books, audio-visual media, hats, useless trivia, and projects.

F - Thirty-something do-gooder previously heavily involved in running Somerville Open Studios, currently seeking her next project. Spends much of her time climbing lots of (mostly fake) rocks, convincing strangers to swim in the Charles with her, trying to get buff, and cooking for hordes of people (next up, cooking dinner for 500+ musicians during HONK! Fest).

F - Twenty-something swing-dancing accountant, historian, and fabric geek. Fairytale and fantasy bibliophile, devoted drinker of tea, enthusiastic amateur genealogist, costume buff, tinkering cook, overly motivated list maker, recovering perfectionist, perpetual student.  Thinks the library is on the way home from everything.

About you

Non-smoking grown-up with a childlike sense of enthusiasm, NOT a child in need of growing up. Past the raging kegger stage of life, and more into low-key dinner parties, games/movie nights, and craft cocktails. Looking for a home, not just a place to crash, with like-minded individuals and something of a co-op feel (but with a less-rigid structure and fewer house meetings). We don't need a new best friend, but we do need to enjoy your company and vice versa.

About the house

Large (3,400 sq ft living area) single family, three stories plus basement, 6+ bedroom, 2 full bath, mostly hardwood floors, gorgeous woodwork throughout. Patio, yard, 2 porches, off-street parking, in-house laundry, separate carriage house, and more character and historic detail than you can shake a stick at!

The second and third floor have 5 rooms that can be used for bedrooms and extra common space, plus 2 walk-through rooms that will definitely be common space. The smallest potential bedroom is 11'4" x 11'8". The largest is 12'6" x 20'+. All have ample closets and multiple windows. We're negotiable on room distribution based on financial contribution, shared vision for common spaces, and/or desire for extra private space.

Click pics to embiggen.
parlour   dining room   kitchen   kitchen brick   carriage house  

  • First floor - Front and rear staircases up; entry foyer; parlor with pocket door; dining room with beautiful fireplace and china cabinet; large fully-applianced kitchen with gas range, chest freezer, dishwasher, disposal, and more; pantry; full bath; 1 bedroom.

  • Second floor - 2-3 bedrooms; walk-through craft and other (library? office? music? help us decide!) rooms; second refrigerator; second full bath; large reading nook.

  • Third floor - 1-2 bedrooms; large hall closet; large reading nook.

  • Basement - Plentiful dry storage; washer and dryer; chest freezer; easy access to driveway and kitchen.

  • Carriage house - Unheated two story; one large room on each floor. Probable rigging point on the second floor for aerial silks/static trap/rings.

  • Outside - Front yard with plenty of space for gardening; side patio with grape arbor; large driveway; front and side porches.

Convenient to most everything --

  • 12 min walk (~.75 mile) to Wellington Station on the Orange Line

  • Multiple bus lines within 0-10 min walk

  • 10-15 min drive (~3 miles) to Davis Square

  • 10 min walk (~.5 mile) to Station Landing, Wellington Circle Plaza, BJ's, two supermarkets

  • Cafe, butcher, and several restaurants right across the street

Our vision

We see possibility for, but are not limited to --

  • Shared garden

  • Guest room

  • Reading nooks

  • Exercise room

  • Game room

  • Hot tub

  • House meals (dinner/brunch) and/or hang-outs, 2-3x month

  • Low-clutter common spaces

  • Shared house upkeep; cleaning, yard maintenance, snow removal

Rent ($900 - $1,200) includes all utilities (gas heat & hot water, electricity, cable, & internet). Home-office possible at the upper end (maybe somewhat higher, depending on details).

We currently take turns purchasing basic household items (laundry and dishwashing supplies, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.) and kitchen staples (butter, coffee, half and half, tea, beets, etc.) and are happy to keep it informal or to create a more formalized structure.

We're still striving for the ideal food sharing scenario; your participation is by no means required, but we are open for discussion if you're interested.

No pets, no couples, no drama.


Please tell us a bit about yourself, what appeals to you about us and the house, and some good times to meet.

Send email to, and we'll get back to you right away!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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