Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

moving right along (a final plea for help; an offer of stuff)

If you've energy and time tomorrow (Saturday, 9/24), I would really appreciate a few more hands, for both heavy and light jobs, on either end. People who can pack boxes (yes, there's still some of that to be done) are just as desirable as those who can move the heavy stuff around.

Tonight, I do my best to box the remaining content of the old place in Chelsea. The big furniture is mostly ready. A few piles of wtf? are being dealt with now. There are definitely some dribs and drabs that won't move tomorrow, but that's OK; I have a week to clear them. Hopefully before midnight, I will go to the new place (about 5 miles away. 20-30 minutes drive depending on traffic and lights...) and sleep.

Tomorrow, I get up around 8, and walk a mile from the new place in Somerville to pick up the rental truck. It'll be a bit bigger than necessary, with some intent. Guaranteed easy to load with what *must* go on it. It should hold *everything* if the day shapes that way. It'll definitely keep whatever gets put in it dry, and that's key.

I plan to be at the old place at 10am. Loading will go on as long as I and my helpers are willing to, once the big stuff is on board. (The big stuff won't take more than an hour or two.) This end is pretty easy -- a half-dozen steps down to the parking lot, and then up the ramp into the truck.

When we get to the new place... unloading will be a bit (but not a lot) more effort. Several pieces need to go to the second floor, but the stairs are *much* easier than the typical Somerville corkscrew -- just one 90-degree turn, and good ceiling clearance. One big piece needs to go to the basement, but again, this is a relatively easy building for it.

Lunch of some sort will be acquired for whomever's around at that point. Dinner will also appear when needed.

I doubt we'll be working later than 6pm.

I have 2 big things to give away. Guaranteed clear of bedbugs; these just don't fit the new space.

  1. 3-seat This End Up sofa. Current retail $620. Wants new cushion covers or cushions. (I've been using a king-size sheet as a wrap-around cover-all.)

  2. This End Up recliner. Classic style, matching the couch, though the fabric doesn't match. It's not nearly so easy to re-cover (cushion is not removable), but wants it more. Long discontinued; no idea what retail was.

If you want these, coming to help is your best way to win. But even if you can't come help, please let me know if you want them. You may luck out. I might leave them on the side of the road. or I might drop them at your place.

Ready to help, or to put in a bid on the TEU pieces? Call or text to sixty-one seventy-eight thirty-eight eighty-five eighty-four for address, directions, status...


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