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What I Did on My Summer Staycation

Found an awesome new place to live, with two awesome new housemates!

Many of you know one or the other housemate. Many of you also know the new place, which has been inherited from friends going through various transitions of their own.

This move will give me a shorter commute to the office, and bring me closer to much of my social circle, with more living space, and should result in a somewhat lower monthly outlay.

We have a Philadelphia-style apartment; taking up 2/3 of a 2-family Victorian, with living room, dining room, kitchen, study, bedrooms, and a bit more spread over 3 floors -- plus half of the full basement for storage, a wrap-around porch, some parking, and some garden space in the yard. All this plonked between Powder House, Davis, and Teele Squares, alongside the Tufts campus.

The past several weeks have been filled with moving my new housemates in (that's pretty much done), and packing and purging and trickling in my own stuff (lots done, lots to go).

The final push is on.

My big furniture move is happening this Saturday, Sept 24.

If you can spare a few hours and some muscular effort, I would much appreciate the extra hands!

I've got a 4'x8' open-box utility trailer, and a committed pickup truck, but sadly, it's looking like this will be a wet weekend, and the furniture should not spend so much time in the wet and wild, so I may try to rent an enclosed-box truck or trailer -- unless you have one you can contribute to the cause!

I'll be starting stuff in motion in Chelsea around 10am, whether I have an enclosed truck (or trailer) or not. First load arrival in Somerville may be as early as Noon, depending on body count and weather. Last load out of Chelsea will be not much (hopefully not at all) later than 6pm. Last load arrival in Somerville will thus be 7ish, if not earlier.

The big stuff -- 3 bureaus; a large and fairly heavy older-style internal-projection TV; a very lightweight and flexible king-size foam mattress with split foundation; a tall stereo rack; a lightweight cabinet thing; and a couple of disassembled bookcases. A couple dozen boxes of varying sizes are likely to join this ride.

Exact locations will be provided as needed, if you don't already have them. If you're reading this, you can find many ways to contact me. Best to use the phone or IM this week, and if you don't get an ack, please assume I've not received your message!

Housewarming and such will no doubt follow soon...

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