Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
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poly, and other, alternate lifestyle choices...

This week's episode of Enterprise was remarkable to me for more reasons than Flox's polyness -- which has been touched on a number of times previously.

Flox's `it's your loss` response to Tripp's flusteration was priceless, no question. As was his chit-chat with his wife, at the tail end of the episode, ending with his `Humans!` bemusedness, and their shared giggle...

But equally powerful this episode was the other plotline with the mind-meld mutation (?), and the associated disease, among Vulcans. *Any* STD could have been represented by this, and the arguments about whether it made any difference that the person who was infected partook of the proscribed behavior by choice or by force, and if so why...

The PSA (public service announcement) which followed, providing an information number for AIDS/HIV, made it clear that they intended folks to interpret the message in that context, but really -- it applies to all of them, and to any we haven't even discovered yet...

The author(s?) of this episode should write many more -- they achieved a rare balance, where the underlying messages were clear, and even blatant, if you were already thinking about them -- but if you hadn't considered them yet, they were *very* much written in the context of the show, rather than simply pasting a `modern concern` atop this fictional future.

Fine stuff. I hope there's much more of it.

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