Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.


This weather saps me right out.

Minutes out in it, and I'm cooked.

So I've spent the bulk of the past couple weeks going from one air-conditioned space to another -- apartment to car to office to mall (food courts aren't bad places to get some work done, nor to be social) to theater (Despicable Me is a lot of fun, especially with the right crowd; Bargain Matinee for the win).

I've also been actively working more hours lately than normal, cooking my brain even within the AC, and paid that bill last night, as I first napped through a planned evening social time, and then slept through a late-morning one.

I'm waffling on today's planned venture to the FFF, as the Cyclorama is known to overheat on an average summer day, and it can only be worse today. Also, my playtime budget is essentially zero just now, so this would be all about the eye candy and social time, which both lose much of their charm when I'm melting.

But I am feeling like I need more social time (see: failed plans). So ...

Know of anything going on tonight or tomorrow in the Bostonish area? Low-to-no cost is highly preferred, and I'm afraid that some degree of climate control is necessary unless the ambient heat and humidity give us an unanticipated break.

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