Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

Best Crafty-Day, Evar!

A quiet knitty-crafty-day was planned for today, right? Right.

First, a quick recap.

Thursday was Kung-Fu Xmas Eve. Chinese food delivery from a new-ish fusion-ish place (Peking Duck Futomaki? It was tasty, but wanted a good deal more hoi-sin), and a double-feature of cheesy kung-fu movies (I can't recollect the titles, I'm sorry to say, but a creative re-imagining of vampires opened the evening; fireworks and magic blended in the closer).

Insomnia kept me up until nearly dawn, and when it finally let go, I slept in until midafternoon. Just in time for Staxmas! Actively social and conversational for a while, and then a rotating cuddle-pile in front of the hi-def for a triple-feature -- Speed Racer (which I'd not seen before), Hot Fuzz (which I had) and Strange Brew (which had more actual comedy than I remembered from the last time I saw it ... a decade or more ago). Some delightful new acquaintances made, with whom I hope to become much better acquainted.

Home by 2ish, but awake until dawn again, most of another day was lost to dreams. Saturday evening brought me back to Fondue. Smaller than the past couple of years, which was definitely good for the hosts and their house, it was nonetheless good fun, and included one of the best cheese blends I can ever remember. Some of those I've particularly enjoyed seeing the past few years weren't able to make it this year, due to holiday timing and family travels, but I have hopes that alternate occasions will be found. Back home around 2 once more, and asleep before 4(!), circadians may be returning to normal, thank goodness.

And today, the day of quiet, restful, couch-lounging and knitty-crafty-laptoppy-ing? Started that way. And lasted that way until late afternoon, when someone shook their Urban Spoon and discovered a new Cambridge restaurant, Lord Hobo, on the site of the former B-Side Lounge. The menu was intriguing, from appetizers to entrees to drinks -- and *poof* 5 minutes from idea to out the door, with a dozen people and a few kids. We piled in and were well cared for and *very* well fed, leading off the dinner rush.

I highly recommend the deviled eggs, oyster, and lobster-mac appetizers; the Hot For Teacher and the Cat Wagon cocktails; and the scallops entree. I sampled a few other selections from other people's plates and glasses, but these were the standouts for me tonight. (I do plan to return, and try much more of the menu!)

And now? White Christmas on the Tivo, and hopes that the sandman will come visiting on time tonight. Office hours tomorrow will be *so* much better if I've slept...

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