Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

virus 6, macthud 0

I am *so* ready to be past this bronchitis...

It's been 6 days of sleeping 16+ hours, many of those through sneak-attack-naps, coughing fits any time I breathe too deeply, a total lack of focus -- so no books, not much email nor IM ... even keeping track of stupid sitcom plotlines has been mostly beyond me.

Doctor confirmed, I don't show typical bacterial nor flu symptoms (most significantly, no fever), and haven't got any pneumonia ... so no magic-bullet antibiotics. Just more soup, and tea, and honey, and juice, and sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and wait for my body to get on top of it...

I'm treating the ability to write this post as a good sign that I may be on the upswing, but I confess to trepidation even as I'm writing. I've been fooled before, for whole minutes at a time.

If I've failed to keep an appointment, missed your event, otherwise disappointed over the past week or so ... my apologies. I will hope to make it up to you soon.

Today's big mission -- an excursion a few miles over to get more canned soup and/or other instafood that won't mind being ignored a couple hours if I pass out while it's cooking. Hooray for "cooktime" settings on the oven as well as the microwave -- so at least no worries about burning the building down.

Tomorrow, I hope to get some laundry done. I want clean sheets.

Meantime ... I feel another nap coming on. After 3ish whole hours awake. Bleah.

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