Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

losing (part of) the weekend

Last night was great.

Escaped the office on time, collected rent-bake-sale items (a fundraiser for a friend was a rousing success, and I have several VERY tasty items which may be shared with those who deign to be social with me in the next few days...), stored them in my home fridge, and went on to dinner...

Dinner was something like 18 people in Mary Chung's for a couple hours, celebrating the all-too-rare and all-too-brief presence of two formerly-local, now-SF denizens, and their impending progeny. Tosci's ice cream followed, with a few more people, clustered in the new park in Central Square.

Then, it was off across town, to celebrate a 20 year friendiversary. Rather less drinking and dancing than there might have been otherwise, as one friend is recovering from Lyme disease, and the other is something like 5 months pregnant and two other guests were likewise (pregnant, not Lyme-y), but still plenty of socializing, cake and fresh bread enjoying, and the like.

Party over around midnight (understandable given exigent circumstances), I headed home for some late night teevee and surfing, and was in bed -- without any alarm set and with no pressing engagements for Saturday! -- by 3.

Fast forward through 10 blissful hours of sleep, to the stupid phone ringing with a stupid telemarketing call from a stupid phone company that wants me to get my Internet and Teevee from them and can't seem to figure out that demanding a 1 year minimum commitment for the good deal pricing (that you cannot transfer to any new address) means I WILL NOT TAKE IT.


So, checking email and such, I discover that there's a downed server at the office. And it's a mission critical box. Running Windows Server 2003, of all the ickiness. And there's no-one in the area with any hope of reviving it, but me...

So now, I've been sitting in the office for a couple hours, running virus sweeps and other utility things over the thing, in hopes of figuring out why it's suddenly started switching Services from "Automatic" to "Manual," most critically including IIS Web Sharing and Terminal Services.

If you understand that last paragraph and have worthwhile suggestions other than "Install Linux," which I can hopefully make use of with Internet-deliverable tools, I welcome your input.

At any rate, it's seeming like I'll be here for some hours more. A quick break will happen shortly, to acquire something like a late lunch, and then I'll be sitting and banging on this until it reboots cleanly and offers these vital services to the relevant world...

This means I won't be visiting my grandfather's, I mean, my cousin's house to collect some more inherited and/or no-longer-free-stored stuff. I also won't be trying to find evening amusements as soon as I'd thought ... but if you have thoughts about later evening/night or tomorrow fun, I'd love to hear them. I may yet escape before sunset.....

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