Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

ah, weekend...

Last night was a quick trip to Providence with bbbsg.

Dinner at Julian's was an excellent duck breast on an interesting bread pudding with onions and greens over all, with a middling sangria. Dessert made up for the sangria -- a cardamom crème brûlée with ginger sorbet and lemon sugar crepe.

Then our expected late arrival to a show, which was running later than we were, so we didn't miss any of the acts. "Lady ___" (Tracy) opened with semi-autobiographical folky funniness. The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players followed with an all-but-indescribable combination of strangers' slide collections (purchased at yard sales and such) and creative musical narrative to go with those slides, wrapped into a hybrid of the SNL Cheerleaders, Flight of the Conchordes, Rick Moranis, and the Von Trapps and Partridges. (Yes, all of those. You have to see it to believe it.)

Then came the act we were there for -- HUMANWINE. I'd not seen them since their west coast wintering, having missed their epic return to The Paradise Rock Club with A Far Cry and others (150+ ice cream flavors won out), and this was worth the drive. The almost-smallest version of them I've ever seen -- Holly (lead vocals and guitar), M@ (guitar and vocals), Dilley (upright bass and vocals), and Nate (drums). M@ and Holly are always there; the other two are the remaining core of HUMANWINE. Others are valued when they're there, but these 4 are the roots, the base, the heart. If you get the chance to see this band, in *any* configuration of players, do. There's meaning to the lyrics, and power in the music, and they're Just Real.

By this point it was near to midnight, and we were rapidly tiring. We decided to listen to the first song from the closing act, and then decide whether we were staying for more (probably not). They led into that song with a scream, a blitz of drums and guitar and noise ... and we made for the door. A brief hangout with M@ and Holly and Dilley, and we headed for home by way of Dunkin' Donuts. A small coffee for the ride, some free donut products (they'd been on the shelf longer than the rules say), and a cleaner, quieter bathroom break ... and back to Bostonish. I was home a bit after 2.

Today, a long, slow rise. It's now about 2, and I'm about to head out to the FFF. I'll be there for at least an hour, probably longer. Still working to replace much of my stolen gear (exact replacement is impossible, since so much of it was one-of-a-kind, bought at similar shows), I have some small budget available this week.

Plans for later are up-in-the-air. I'm not on the current guest list for any after-FFF parties, but that's been known to change while at the show. A pool (pocket billiards, not swimming) night with a bunch of friends who date back to high school or college is a definite option, starting around 7pm; that's an hour's drive away. I think my mood is leaning toward an after-party (optimally with a willing victim or three); or a smaller, more casual and spontaneous hang-out, conversation, possibly movie(s), cuddling and/or snuggling, etc. Your suggestions/invitations are more than welcome, and best delivered by voicemail to my home line -- seventy-eight, eighteen, eighty-four, sixty-three, eighteen -- as I may not return home before evening, but will definitely check those messages.

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