Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

a good deal ... could get better

MacHeist periodically puts together bundles of medium-priced software, which it sells as a major bargain. This one collects about $622 $981 retail, selling for $39. They also donate 25% of all sales to charity (spread over 10, or pick the one you prefer). When lots of people buy the bundle, the number of apps in it goes up (and they show which ones will be added, and when).

Buyers can get more by referring others, or by tweeting about the deal. I've already tweeted (yay, Delicious Library!).

If two people go and buy the bundle through this referral link, I'll get two more licenses in the bundle I bought, and I'm really hoping that two of you will, because the second license is the one I want. :-)

If you comment or otherwise let me know when you've bought, I'll disable my referral link after two (unless MacHeist increases the rewards for more referrals), so others can benefit...

Edited to add -- Three referral purchases later, I've got what I wanted (thanks!), and I'm leaving my link live, but crossed out. If you know someone else who's already bought the bundle, use *their* referral link. If you know no-one, g'head and use mine.

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