Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

a bit of brawn needed, for a couple hours

A friend is moving far away, and I'll be the proud new owner of his old freezer.

But I need to get it down two flights of outdoor stairs, from his basement to street level, and into my trailer ... and then out of the trailer, and up a half-flight to my apartment. I've got a pretty good dolly and plenty of ratchet-straps to bind them together, which should work for the stairs and all.

It's a full-size upright chest, from the early 90s. It doesn't weigh a *lot*, as these things go, but it's awkward, and probably more than I can handle myself.

My trailer is in Melrose; the freezer is in Malden; my apartment is in Chelsea. Whether I get the trailer before or after I pick you up depends where I find you; same with the reverse. I don't expect the whole process to take more than a couple of hours, unless we're having fun making it take longer.

I'll happily pick you up and drop you off wherever makes sense, and buy you some beers or reasonable substitution, or pitch you a few bucks if you'd prefer. If you also have something that needs moving in an open-box utility trailer, that could easily be worked into the deal.

There's *some* flexibility on timing, which is good given the weather and other schedule challengers this week. It's got to be done by Sunday, the 4th of January. If you can possibly help, give me some idea of your days and times of availability? I'll be shuffling yours, mine, and my moving friend's schedules, and then firming things up.

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