Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

come sit with and distract me

So, my dad is in the hospital, as of last night, for observation and tests related to chest pains, probably leading to more stents or similar. He got 4 stents about 4 years ago, before he actually had any cardiac events, based on some minor twinging at Spinning Class (yeah, the stationary-cycle kind).

This time, so far as I know, also no cardiac events yet, but some random chest pain while just sitting in a chair ... and that's troublesome.

I was there for Xmas Dinner, and I expect to go visiting later this week, unless I get calls of more urgency.

Tonight, I am currently planning to head to Diesel and eventual dinner, where distracting and/or comforting company will be more than desirable. Summons to somewhere else, at some point involving dinner, whether we prepare or invoke it, might well be acted upon.

Tomorrow, I will probably skip the weather-beaten commute to work from home, and venture forth only when it's time to celebrate the passing of the year. I know of a few events (one each in Chesterfield, Salem, Burlington Woburn, Somerville) but based on current weather reports, expect only to make it to the last, where I have been pleased to have found myself at midnight the last couple years (which may tell you which it is)...

If you know of somewhere else I might be that would make your night and/or (especially) mine happier, you should please let me know.

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