Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

time for comfort foods

it's been years since I was actually motivated to make a vat of something. and it's kind of silly now, with my tiny little freezer, and just feeding me on a regular basis.

but I'm craving a couple of dishes that other people have usually made in the past. and I'm piecing together recipes that *may* do.

what am I missing or not thinking of?

I want chili kinda like my mother used to make, which means very meaty, fairly beany, plenty of tomatoes. Not much else, especially not much capsacin heat. I have
  • some pounds of ground beef, to be browned and drained to start
  • several cans of beans (kidney, pinto, and black ... I think Mom only used kidney, but I have a *little* more adventure in my make-up)
  • some cans of tomatoes (diced, whole, paste, and sauce ... I'm leaning toward whole and/or diced for this project)

I know I need chili powder. definitely a few cloves of garlic. what else? onion maybe? The above just seems *too* short a list.

When I made this years ago, with direct instructions, it was all stove-top in a giant stew pot. Now, I have no such stove-top stew pot. But I do have a 5.5 quart crock pot, which I think should do the job...?

I also want shepherd's pie. I've got plenty of kernel corn and Yukon Gold potatoes for those layers. It's the base layer I'm puzzling over. Ground beef, cooked down some with onions and what else? Gravy from the drainings? I'd shift to ground lamb, if I found a source around the same price as the beef; I imagine everything else can remain the same....

Can you tell I don't cook from zero much these days?

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