Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

awake in the morning! breakfast/brunch company?

My sleep patterns are radically broken.

Yesterday, I passed out on the couch before 7pm (so much for the Lilypad show!), surfaced somewhere in the night and shifted to bed, and woke for good around 4am.

Now I'm thinking of breakfast/brunch out somewhere. Company or suggestions are welcomed!

ETA: 11am, I'll be brunching at a friend's place. if you're still inclined to join, you'd best call me at home by 10:30, when I'll be headed out to get bacon along the way. leave a message if I don't answer -- I'm in the shower and will call you back.

This evening is *supposed* to involve a birthday gathering in Somervilleford, presuming I'm still awake that late (maybe a mid-day nap will help even things out again?).

I've a feeling I'm forgetting some other things happening, during the day or later this weekend. Remind me?

IM is best, email to macted at the gmail is also good. Other email is still disrupted (which also means that if you sent me an invite ... I didn't get it).

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