April 5th, 2017


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TOSsing and turning

I'm macthud on DW, too.

I don't currently go there to read much. Mostly when I see someone's echoed post with a footer saying there are comments which I'd click to read if they were here...

I don't currently go there to comment unless it's a really important comment and someone's post says they don't read (or accept) them here.

I don't currently go there to post at all. More hoops to jump through, more learning to do, more setup to make... Maybe eventually.

A friend-of-a-friend read the Russian version of the new TOS, and they said it's basically in line with the English version, which is basically the same as it's always been, modulo the "if we publish a new TOS, the new TOS is in effect instantly, and you've already agreed to it, so nyah-nyah" and the "laws of the Russian Federation" bits... But these aren't much different than any other freemium service on the modern Internet, and I don't think the Russian police are going to come arrest me here, if I do manage to violate some law or other, so... *shrug*

My permanent paid LJ account was acquired long ago under one of the old regime's periodic sales, and paid services are still from LJ Inc in California, so nobody there is getting any dollars from me...

So yeah. Basically, Status: Quo.