November 10th, 2016


My tweets

  • Wed, 18:03: I wish I were actually surprised today. But I'm just gutted, wrecked. Still can't bring myself to look at the full returns from the polls.
  • Wed, 18:04: Now we'll probably see SCOTUS packed, much more progress of 50 years undone, and a permanently gerrymandered GOP House.
  • Wed, 18:06: The only remaining Check or Balance will be flipping the thankfully ungerrymanderable Senate … in two years.
  • Wed, 18:08: Hold tight, folks. This ride is gonna get a lot bumpier before it smooths out. But we can weather it. We *have* been through worse.
  • Wed, 18:17: Spaghetti/pot-luck socials for commiseration with fairly-like-minded progressive-type people will probably start soon. Watch this space.
  • Wed, 20:50: RT @Anthony: What followed was the Great Depression.
  • Thu, 08:45: RT @srosenholtz: Most qualified woman in the world loses to the least qualified man in the world. In case If you were confused about what m…