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weekends of madness (part 1)


Last weekend?

Friday, I left work a bit early, and raced to wisdom_seeker's 6pm wedding rehearsal. Still managed to be late, thanks to *crazy* stupid traffic, but not late enough to matter. Lots of chatter in the church, driving the coordinator slightly crazy, but we still got through most everything needed.

Then away to Rehearsal Dinner, where I would up sitting amidst the wedding party (amusing foreshadowing here) -- between groom and maid-of-honor, across from bride and 2 bridesmaids. This was great fun, as I got to renew connections with maid-of-honor and bridesmaid #1 (friends of wisdom_seeker from high-school days, if not younger), and meet #2 (from grad school). I had perfectly prepared schrod, VERY tasty mashed potatoes, and a very tasty mousse.

Dinner ended around 11, and I drove back to Somerville, where I briefly helped warm redheadedmuse's new abode. Home by 1am or so, I rose roughly on time, and at 11am, headed for the 1pm ceremony. Incredibly, it took almost as long to make this trip as the rush-hour traffic had the night before -- but I made it there by 12:45.

Hung out in front of the church, gabbing with family and friends, until the bride's limo arrived. My official job was to notify the coordinator of her arrival, and then I was free ... to sit through the ceremony up to my reading. wisdom_seeker had picked me to read a piece of the Song of Songs, where the lady speaks of her lover, whose own voice then comes through. They'd asked that I read it "with feeling" the night before, and I believe I satisfied that request. Also, I made both bride and groom laugh with my chosen tie -- Mr Potato Head, from the Toy Story collection.

Ceremony went on, finished around 2 -- and then it was time to hover around the front of the church for an hour or so, for photos. The bridal family portrait was the last one done, for random reasons, and only included the immediates (not the fairly large contingent of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.), but I think most of them were caught at reception, later.

Pictures done, we had another 90 minutes or so before the reception. So, it was time for ice cream! Fun, with my younger-younger brother, his two sons, and their girlfriends. (Brother's wife was bridesmaid #3.)

Eventually, we made our way across town to the reception place -- which I didn't know by its current name, but recognized as soon as I got there. It was the same place younger-younger brother was married and receptioned, then known as the Golden Rooster. Completely remodeled since then, it was still much the same, and somewhat surreal.

Finding my placecard, I discovered I was sitting with -- the wedding party (remember the foreshadowing?). Bride and groom were alone at their own little table, and bridesmaid #3 was with her husband and kids -- so I was with maid-of-honor and her Joe, bridesmaids #1 and #2, two more bride-friends from grad school, and one dancing friend of bride & bridesmaid #1. LOTS of fun sitting with these people. I hope to see more of them. Too bad they're based in NYC and Indiana...

Reception started with a cocktail hour, and several tasty hors d'oeuvres (lamb lollipops, stuffed grapeleaves, hummos, potato pancakes, coconut shrimp, bacon-scallops, and others). Then salad, and the toasts & brief speeches from maid-of-honor and best-man. Then rather tasty entrees (I should have gone for the mushroom ravioli, but the chicken was surprisingly good), with disappointing mashed potatoes (especially after the night before -- these were way over-salted). Eventually the cake came around, and *that* was *very* tasty. Sadly, I forgot to grab some extra when things came to a close, as I found myself going to After Reception decompression with the bridesmaids. Fried foods (calamari, mozzarella, chicken fingers & wings, etc.), tasty beer (giant bottle of Newcastle!), and pleasant conversation is a good thing.

12:30 rolled around, and it was time to hit the road -- back to Somerville for rule30's housecooling/farewell/birthday party. There were a good dozen or more people still there when I arrived, and karaoke continued until 3 (or was it 4?) when I left there ...

Sunday. Yes, only 36 hours from the start of this post. 10am, it was time to head to the office, where the landlord and the local power company were doing some work that required unplugging the whole building ... during which time, I relocated several computers, and added UPS protection to several more, all of which had been difficult to impossible to schedule during usual uptime. Bringing everything back online when power returned at 4:30 proved a challenge, and I had to take a break at 6:30 or so. Went home, had some dinner, and had a brainstorm about how to revive the last two problem servers -- and so, went back to the office around 8. There until 10pm, I resolved to work from home on Monday.

And so I did.

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