August 23rd, 2009


5 words

Some months ago, a number of people posted lists of words that others had given them, about which they then wrote some stuff. I forget just what the stuff was supposed to be.

I commented in a couple of those threads, where the original poster was someone I wanted to get to know better, and whom I thought might reciprocate, asking for words to address myself. Because I know myself, I did warn that I might take a while to deliver.

I went looking for those words today, but try as I might, I'm not finding them in my email archives, nor easily locatable anywhere else.

If you were one of those people (or if you're interested in becoming one of them), sending another copy of the word list along with what I"m supposed to do with them may allow me to take action this weekend ... assuming my current state of mind persists another several hours of waking time, anyway.

Thinking? Not so much...

Late brunch at S&S in Inman was a win. Eggs Scandinavia (think Benedict with salmon and onion), coffee, OJ, and bacon.

Then, an impromptu walk. For a mile and a half. In u crazy heat. In long pants. I must be crazy.

Now back at Inman, with an hour to kill before Kim Boekbinder Vermillion takes the stage at the Lilypad. Not enough time to go anywhere for a shower, and far too hot to even consider flomping in the car to recover...

Maybe some Christina's therapy....

ETA: Kim bumped to 7... *argh*