February 29th, 2008


snippets of astrology...

This stuff came from some random site that took only birthdate (not location, nor time). It doesn't feel terribly inaccurate ... but it's also not terribly specific.

Sun 16°Vi07:
You are very practical in most situations and have a lot of common sense. You are also quite efficient and productive but tend to worry too much, are self-critical and modest about your accomplishments. Try to change self-pity into compassion.

Moon 24°Sc52:
You have very deep and intense emotions which need to be sublimated in research, investigation or psychology and understanding of the mind to avoid vindictiveness. Good for saving others but avoid lost causes. Self-destructive. You seek emotional power.

Mercury 29°Vi40:
You are a logical, efficient, analytical and practical thinker but can be too critical. You have versatility in art, music, writing, accounting and editing but need more confidence and originality. Often singing and literary talents. Perfectionist.

Venus 30°Le00R:
You are very passionate in love but also quite dramatic, theatrical and often exhibitionistic (Michael Jackson and Madonna!). You have expensive taste and like silk, gold, high contrast in clothing and expensive perfumes. Very charismatic personality.

Mars 29°Sc38:
You have an almost inexhaustible amount of energy and drive but must be careful of vindictiveness. Your tenacity will help you in any investigative work. Danger from secret enemies. Avoid dark alleys and craving for power. Often uro-genital problems.

What do you think? Did they capture me, at all?