January 31st, 2008


Feast of Lights? or?

I know it's last minute. This week has simply refused to accommodate my timing needs.

OK, so I had planned to spend this weekend in Northampton, at A Feast of Lights, as has been my habit since this gathering began. I missed last year, largely due to not yet having bought the van's replacement, and I really enjoy this event's casual nature, hanging by the pool, and not doing a whole lot of facilitation myself (though I'm always available to the primary organizers, as is my nature)....

But my budget is not cooperating, for many reasons.

So, if I'm to go to FoL, I really should share a room at the hotel (*highly* preferred), or find a nearby friend with an accommodating couch (I could now stay about 30-45 minutes away, but that drive really sucks after a long day of poolside lounging, workshops, and dancing the night away at the Stag King's Masque)...

I'd like to cut the driving costs, too, which means taking a passenger, or riding with you. I take one big suitcase, one big drum, and not much else. I'd be heading out from Burlington after work on Friday, and could easily spin through Boston/Camberville to collect you (rush hour traffic to and on the Pike always sucks; taking a bit longer should only make it easier...)

Do you have a room? Would you like to lower its cost? (Yes, the catch is that you'd have to share... with me.)

If you weren't planning to go, would the above sharing make it possible for you? Act fast ...

Or give me some alternative plans for the weekend, as I've not been thinking about any such!