January 11th, 2008


just drive, I said....

Last chance to take me up on a ride to Providence tomorrow!

I plan to be leaving Chelsea between 9am and 10am, having breakfast/brunch somewhere (possibly the Neighborhood in Somerville, possibly Julian's in Providence, possibly somewhere between), and heading to the Flea.

One of the nice things of having this event in a genuine city (albeit a tiny one) is that there will be several places to choose from for lunch and/or dinner, many within walking distance of the Center. I'll be playing these by ear.

It's likely I'll be staying down there until midnight or so. But that's not guaranteed unless you let me know to meet you by the pool.... And I'll be offline and incommunicado once I leave Chelsea.

If I hear from you before 9am, by email, IM, phone, or whatever, the schedule above can be adjusted however makes sense... Ping now, or forever hold your peace.