January 10th, 2008


contest inspirations

So let's say that hypothetically you were going to attend one of Those Kinds Of Parties.

Someone decided they wanted to have some sort of programming during the afternoons (this particular hypothetical party runs over a weekend, from Friday to Monday, so there are at least three slots for workshop sorts-of-things).

You semi-jokingly suggested a single-tail contest.

The host said, "Great idea! Want to organize it?"


So -- my first thought for this hypothetical contest is simple accuracy. Can contestants hit the spot(s) they want to, consistently and reliably, from a range of angles and distances?

But should all participants be made to use the *same* single-tail, or should they be permitted to choose their own -- and if the latter, may they use different whips from their bags for different strikes, thereby possibly giving those with larger bags some advantage?

And how do you judge the accuracy, without high-speed photography? It doesn't seem reasonable to ink the striker. Requiring that skin be marked by the impact seems likely to prematurely end the contest, not to mention the issue of differently-markable bottoms... I'm thinking something like post-its, which will have a different sound than plain skin, or perhaps clothespins (not necessarily requiring removal, just the visible motion of an impact).

Secondary thought is variance of effect -- can contestants deliver a brushing strike, as well as a harsh one? Can they deliver a strike with more "sting" as well as one with more "thud"? *These* would all have to be delivered with the same toy, and probably on the same stunt bottom, who must promise to render honest assessments....

I'm sure there are other ideas out there among my very creative friends list ... so share them! I'm not screening comments, but if you want to anonymize you can, and email to my LJ account will reach me fine if you *really* want to be invisible to anyone else.

When/if these hypothetical rules are hypothetically finalized, I'll post them at least to those who contribute or evidence interest, possibly for all to see...