January 7th, 2008


Fleabitten weekend. Partners in crime?

It is my plan to make a day-trip to Providence on Saturday... unless someone has a hotel room they want to entice me with for Friday night and/or strong arguments for a Sunday trip, either instead or in addition.

Depending on many, many variables, I *may* be back in Boston for NoPants2k8. Or I *may* stay in Providence for the free Pool Party (yes, it's running both nights). Or some other more spontaneous plan may come to life....

It is my hope to have a passenger or three for the driving. Contributions for gas and such are welcome but not vital. Payback in bodywork, dinner some other night, or other creative idea, are more than encouraged, but again, not vital.

If my co-conspirators are sufficiently motivated, we could go early enough to brunch at Julian's ...